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Fair Policy

The User Terms and UIFry License which apply to your use of UIFry (and Items you download using the UIFry service) require you to:

Not act in a way which does not align with the values of the community, or in a way that could cause harm to us or to others; and

Only use an Item if you have a valid and live UIFry subscription and have registered the Item for use.

This policy, which forms part of your User Terms, is designed to keep things fair for the talented and creative community of authors who make their Items available on UIFry. It can be summed up like this:

You must only download Items when you have the intention to use them.

It is a breach of this policy and your User Terms to download Items that you do not intend to appropriately use, to use scripts or bots to mass download items, or to download Items in advance in order to use them after the subscription is over. Even worse, this behaviour also prevents authors from being paid fairly for their work.

Remember, your license to use a UIFry Item only begins once the Item is registered. The Item may be registered for trial or project purposes, and you can only register Items while you have an active UIFry subscription. If you want to use an Item in multiple projects, you need to register it again for each new project.

What will happen if a customer engages in inappropriate downloading?

In addition to our rights under the User Terms, we reserve the right to restrict or terminate access to the UIFry service for any subscriber whose download behaviour suggests inappropriate use.

Depending on the way you use UIFry, you may have a genuine need to download high volumes of Items. We will remove any imposed download restrictions once we are satisfied that a user is not engaging in inappropriate download behaviour. To establish this, we may contact users to understand more about their use of the UIFry service instead of (or as well as) restricting access. If you have a need to download high volumes of items, especially within a relatively short amount of time, we encourage you to contact us in order to show proof of legitimate Item use - this will reduce the likelihood that your download behaviour will trigger action under this policy.

If we detect behaviour which is suggestive of inappropriate downloading then we may take action to protect our authors and investigate potential breaches of this policy and/or our User Terms.